Charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) at work 

Would you like to install commercial EV charging stations at your workplace? NES are certified installers of electric vehicle charge points. In like manner, we only used trusted manufacturers, with a range of high quality charge points to fit your needs.

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Commercial EV Charging

Benefits of Commercial EV Charging Stations

As well as the obvious advantages for a homeowner, in the same way there are a number of reasons why a charging station can help your business.

  • It can help with charging fleet cars.
  • Increase revenue for a local business.
  • Promote local and visitor traffic to retail shopping district.
  • It provides a space for the public to charge whilst visiting your business.
  • It can help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Promote the local job market.
  • Increase the revenue of a particular city.
  • Improve the image of a city as well as enhancing its sustainability initiatives.
  • Easy to install and also low maintenance.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

For any business CSR is important and by installing commercial EV charging stations you are improving and contributing towards your CSR.

  • Promoting going green and energy preservation.
  • Promoting emission reduction and improved air quality.
  • Community interaction through inviting the public to charge their EV's when visiting the premises.
  • Encourages employees to invest in EV's.
  • Promotes the business as ethical.

EV Workplace Charging Scheme

Did you know you can apply for the EV Workplace Charging Scheme. The scheme provides support towards the up-front costs of the purchase and installation of EV charge points. The contribution is up to £300 for each socket, up to a maximum of 20 across all sites for each application. OLEV recommend all applicants have a site survey ahead of applying. Tis will ensure all applicants understand what can be installed in their chosen site(s).

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