Embedded Solar PV

Understanding Solar PV

With the summer months approaching, you may be thinking about the potential of solar PV to capture those sunny rays and generate your own electricity. But, perhaps you don’t know how it all works? Depending on your household consumption of electricity, you have the potential to be almost, if not completely self-reliant and buy very […]

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Solar panel maintenance

Don’t overlook the maintenance of your solar PV system

Solar is a safe technology. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) did a 3-year review of fires associated with solar PV installations. The results found only 80 incidents out of over 800,000 installs in the UK. This is significantly less than other appliances in the home. There are regular checks and maintenance for AC appliances so […]

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Feed in Tariff cash from solar

Cash From Your Solar

Thinking about cashing in on your Solar PV Feed-in Tariff? There may be a number of reasons you are considering selling, whether you are moving, paying off debts, or planning an all-around world trip! By choosing NES you know that your system will continue to be looked after and you are trusting a reliable local […]

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Finance on your Solar and Roofing Work

NES Finance Now Available

We understand that it can be expensive when installing solar, or needing a roof replacement, but now NES Roofing and Energy are offering finance to residential customers.If you’ve been thinking about this for a while but were unsure as to how you could afford it, the answer is to spread the cost! As we believe […]

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NES Roofing and Energy

New Solar Panel and Roofing Services from NES

To start the new year, we thought you would be interested in hearing the latest news from NES Roofing and Energy, your local Solar PV and Roofing Experts. We have updated our offer, which includes expansion of our solar and roofing services and new additions to our product range.   Solar Panel Renewable Energy Systems NES provide Solar […]

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Now is the Right Time to Insulate your Roof

As we all know, we are on the brink of those cold, winter days coming back to haunt us. The windows are closed, the central heating is on and it’s time to ensure our homes are kept cosy and warm. It seems strange, therefore to consider having work carried out on your roof at this […]

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Domestic Reroofing with a Difference

Reroofing your home Have you been worrying about problems with your roof but haven’t done anything about it yet? Do you have damp patches on your ceilings or leaks that are damaging your home, that are likely to worsen? Have you considered what this is doing to the health of your family and the value […]

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In-roof Solar Roofing Solution at Thingwall, Wirral

NES Roofing and Energy have provided a family in Thingwall an innovative in-roof solar system to complete the renovation of the family home. Why did the homeowners want In-Roof (Embedded) Solar PV? “We had decided to make some changes to improve the external look of our property, and to make it more energy efficient. We had […]

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