How Environmentally Friendly Are Your Roof Tiles?

How Environmentally Friendly Is Your Roof Covering? In the face of the new climate change report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and mindful of our mission to promote the environmental benefits of solar energy, we want to make sure that our roofing services are in line with our mission to reduce carbon […]

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SolarEdge Blog Heading

The Benefits Of The SolarEdge Inverter Solution

The Benefits Of The SolarEdge Inverter Solution What is an inverter? An inverter is an essential part of a solar PV system as it converts DC voltage into AC voltage. Solar panels generate electricity in DC, whereas household appliances run on AC electricity. Inverters are basically the brain of the solar system. They direct energy […]

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The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular energy choice for home owners. The technology has become much more affordable and solar owners can benefit from reduced bills and financial incentives. While financial incentives are a large part in choosing to install solar, many people install solar panels for the […]

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Interpreting energy figures

How to Interpret Energy Figures?

A Complete Guide to Interpreting Energy Figures. Energy figures can be confusing. The only number you usually care about when you get your electricity bill is the cost. All of the figures in kilowatt hours (kWh) leave you racking your brain for those physics lessons you had at school and often this can leave you […]

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awards and accreditations

Can I Trust my Solar Installer?

What requirements do you look for when deciding on the best person or company to do work on your house? How do you know if you can trust them? Today you hear stories of ‘cowboy’ builders and trade professions having questionable creditability. This is where NES behave properly and professionally; importantly, what we would expect […]

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New Roof

How much is a new roof?

How much is a new roof? A new roof might see like a daunting expense that starts out as what you think is a small repair job; but nobody needs to tell you that you have no home without a roof, it’s obvious! But it doesn’t have to be as scary as you first think. […]

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NES trader

How to Choose the Right Trader?

Home improvements can be stressful and when it comes to choosing a trader it is important to pick the right one to ensure you get best service possible. You may be persuaded to go with a nationwide trader due to size and image, but larger companies can be lacking were it matters the most – […]

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