Record-Breaking Solar Production!

This summer was the hottest summer on record. Ice cream sales rocketed, the smell of BBQs were in the air and of course a nice glass of Pimms was in hand.

While we were enjoying the heat wave, our nation's solar panels have been hard at work reaching record-breaking levels of energy production! Let's see what happened for UK solar during those sunny months...

Record-breaking solarRecord-breaking solar achievement no. 1:

Solar was the number one source of energy in the UK… briefly!

Solar briefly took first place as the UK’s top source of energy! Producing more energy than gas and nuclear. While solar only briefly overtook the other energy sources, it represents a milestone for solar technology. Ten years ago, it would be hard to believe that solar would be producing more energy than gas and nuclear energy production. Now at least we can look forward with a bit of optimism towards a clean, carbon-free world!

Record-breaking solarRecord-breaking solar achievement no. 2:

Most solar energy produced in a day.

The UK record for the most solar energy generated within a day was beaten on Friday 22nd June producing 81.3 GWh of energy. To put that into context, that is enough to power over 10 million homes with clean, renewable energy for the day. The previous record was set on 19th May, at 78.3 GWh.

Record-breaking solarRecord-breaking solar achievement no. 3:

Most solar energy produced in a week.

Solar broke a record for weekly output producing 533 GWh of power! The continued sunshine between the 21st and 28th June meant that solar was able to make a substantial contribution to the UK’s energy supply. These figures are expected to rise as more people embrace this technology and decide to go green.


Record-breaking solar - UK Solar capacity

Can we have a round of applause for the solar industry and owners of solar panels. Give yourselves a pat on the back for achieving record-breaking results and for promoting the up-take of renewable, clean, carbon-free energy!

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