Embedded Solar PV

Understanding Solar PV

With the summer months approaching, you may be thinking about the potential of solar PV to capture those sunny rays and generate your own electricity. But, perhaps you don’t know how it all works? Depending on your household consumption of electricity, you have the potential to be almost, if not completely self-reliant and buy very little from the National Grid during these sunny months.


The Solar PV Process

  1. Solar panels gather energy from sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity. The PV cell contains 1 or 2 layers of a semi conducting material, usually silicon. So, when the sun shines on the cell it creates an electric field across the layers, causing electricity to flow.
  2. The DC electricity travels into an inverter, which transforms the energy to alternating current (AC). AC is used by electrical appliances in your home.
  3. The AC flows from the inverter into the fuse box. From here, the electricity will go to whichever appliances you are running e.g. The microwave or TV.
  4. If you don’t use the electricity generated, it then flows into the national grid for someone else to use.
  5. Here is the great part… You will get paid for any surplus energy that goes to the national grid as well as receiving a government funded feed in tariff on every unit of electricity your solar panels generate.


You may want solar PV panels fitted on top of your existing roof or perhaps you would like NES’s unique inbuilt PV offering. This provides a more aesthetically pleasing look where the panels sit flush with your roof tiles. Either option provides a high quality service using world-leading solar technology provided by SolarEdge. NES only use high quality products from trusted manufacturers.

SolarEdge Solar inverter pv panel renewable

Benefits of SolarEdge Systems:

  • More energy! With traditional inverters, weaker panels are likely to affect the output of the whole solar system. There are substantial energy losses due to unevenly dirty and shaded panels. SolarEdge however, maximises the output of the panels individually to ensure you are getting the maximum power out of your solar system.
  • Easy tracking of performance: through a simple app you can monitor the performance of each panel to make sure you are maximising your investment.
  • Superior safety: protect your system and your people through automatic shutdown of the high DC voltage during installation, maintenance and emergency.
  • Warranty: 25 years power optimiser warranty, 12 years inverter warranty, extendable to 20/25 years at a low cost, monitoring free for lifetime.


NES are expert Solar PV installers in the North West. You can view some of our solar PV projects in the NES gallery and if you need more proof that we are the right choice for your installation, you can read customer testimonials too.


Call us today on 0151 372 0305 to discuss how you could be benefitting from solar PV.



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