Solar panel maintenance

Don’t overlook the maintenance of your solar PV system

Solar is a safe technology. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) did a 3-year review of fires associated with solar PV installations. The results found only 80 incidents out of over 800,000 installs in the UK. This is significantly less than other appliances in the home. There are regular checks and maintenance for AC appliances so why not take this level of care regarding your solar PV and specifically the DC side as well as the AC side of the equipment.

The research from the reported incidents found over half were due to the D.C side components. This includes DC isolators and connecters. These problems arise from faulty components and poor installations.

NES take fire safety very importantly and in our 8-year history, we have had no thermal or fire incidents.

NES have some top tips we would like to share about fire safety for solar PV:

  1. Ensure the installation has quality components.
  2. Ensure the installation is completed using appropriate equipment. For example, BRE found some installers using plyers to connect DC connecters instead of the recommended specialist crimping tool.
  3. Regular maintenance of your system. Even if the above is followed, it is recommended all electrical installs are inspected regularly.

NES offer maintenance options at the frequency that suits your needs. This is not only to check the safe operation of your solar PV system, but also to check it is generating the amount of energy it should be.

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Solar PV maintanence

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