Finance on your Solar and Roofing Work

NES Finance Now Available

We understand that it can be expensive when installing solar, or needing a roof replacement, but now NES Roofing and Energy are offering finance to residential customers.

If you’ve been thinking about this for a while but were unsure as to how you could afford it, the answer is to spread the cost! As we believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to enjoy our products and services. We have a range of financial plans and we will help you find the right one to suit you.

Option 1)
Interest Free – this is perfect for customers who want to spread the cost over a short period of time.

Option 2)
Buy Now, Pay Later – 6 months’ interest free then revert to a 10 year loan.

Option 3)
Regular – This loan is ideal for customers looking for low monthly repayments.

Additionally, the benefits received from installing solar PV may be higher than your monthly repayments. You can begin to claim from the Feed-In Tariff (FiT) as soon as your solar has been installed. The money saved on energy bills alongside your income from FiT could go towards your monthly repayments. Feed-In Tariffs and Export Tariffs allow you to get payment for every unit of electricity you generate.

For example, a 4kWh solar system with an annual yield of 3200kWh’s, will provide an equivalent monthly financial return of £37.51 (comprising FiT and Export Tariff of £17.51 and electricity saving of £20.00). This may be more than your loan repayments for including solar with your reroof. Solar pays for itself. **

You should also know that no additional fees will be applied if you pay off your loan quicker.

Choosing our service and product means you will be protected by consumer codes as NES is accredited by HIES/HICS. Not that we’ve had a single customer complaint, but this consumer code (endorsed by Nick Ross, from BBC’s watchdog programme) allows for any customers to be protected if there were any problems and our workmanship is insured.

Why not invest in a brand new system, roof or combination of both and pay for it in a way that suits your circumstances.  Don’t struggle – contact us now and we will talk you through our finance options.


*9.9% Representative APR - subject to status.
**Representative example – depended on size of system and how much energy is exported.


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