Removal and Reinstatement

Solar pv systems can often outlive the roof covering that they are mounted on, therefore removal and reinstatement of the solar system may be necessary. Roofing materials may have deteriorated over time or a need may have arisen to make structural alterations to the roof or the building, necessitating the temporary removal of the panels.
NES are being approached on a regular basis to remove rooftop solar systems and then replace them once other works are complete. An example of this occurred at Bidston Tennis Centre, on behalf of Wirral Council.
Whatever the reason, NES will make all appropriate arrangements to ensure that the solar system is properly reinstated and recommissioned, whether we have been engaged to undertake the other works or not. Following reinstatement, the solar system will perform as usual.
Our main areas of operation are Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales.

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Solar PV panel removal and reinstatement in the Wirral

We removed the all the panels and cleaned the roof which was full of debris and moss.

Solar PV panel removal and reinstatement in the wirral

Then we cleaned the panels, fitted optimisers, tested and refitted the panels.