Reroof with Solar

Over time, the cost of repairing an old or failing roof, factored in with the cost of lost energy due to the lack of underlay or proper insulation, can out-weigh the cost of a full reroof. This provides the perfect opportunity to 'go solar', thus improving aesthetics, performance and energy efficiency all at the same time.
Rather than just undertaking the reroof, we are an award winning installer of integrated solar systems. This means that we are able to embed the solar panels into your roof whilst installing a new or repairing an old roof covering, with tiles or slates only then required to be installed around the periphery.
Our main areas of operation are the Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales, with over 200 project installs completed.

Benefits of Solar PV Roofing

Significant cost reductions

Whilst scaffolding is erected during your roofing works and the installers are on site, adding solar panels to your roof makes financial sense. The benefits of solar panels are considerable and despite reduced funding levels, due to advances in solar technology, the payback period is favourable.
Installing a solar pv panel system on an existing roof makes financial sense. Installing it as part of a reroof project makes even more sense though due to a combination of a reduction in the number of tiles/slates required during the installation. This is due to the fact that they are not needed for the area to be covered by the solar panels, and that the team are on site, and scaffold for safe working is already in place.

Enhanced aesthetics

By sitting within the roof, i.e. embedded, the solar panels look less obtrusive, blend in more, and can add to the look of a property.

Additional Benefits

In addition, they will facilitate reducing your energy bills, CO2 emissions, demonstrating a commitment to energy efficiency.
For a more comprehensive list of the benefits of solar pv, click here

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House Reroof with embedded Solar PV
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