Energy Saving

As energy becomes increasingly expensive, and as we all become more aware of the risks posed by climate change, we are routinely asked about Electric Vehicle Charge Points, LED Lighting and Voltage Optimisation. Working with carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers, we are pleased to now include these energy efficient technologies within our range.

Electric vehicle charging stations (domestic and commercial)

Safe, easy and reliable to use, plugging a vehicle into an electric vehicle charging station is as simple and safe as charging your mobile phone. 

Voltage Optimisation (domestic and commercial)

Energy saving technology that can reduce the supply voltage relating to an individual piece of equipment, machinery, a lighting system and suchlike or even a particular area in a building or the whole building. 

LED Lighting (commercial only)

LED lighting is known for producing efficient, beneficial quantities of light in comparison to other types of lighting. Energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved with the installation of an LED lighting scheme.


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