solar panels on house make cash

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Key features of our solution

  • NES value your system based on your location, installation date and generation history
  • You receive a tax free lump sum payment from NES
  • NES make the ongoing quarterly returns to your electricity supplier, and receive the future Feed in Tariff payments¬†
  • You continue to benefit from free use of the electricity that your system generates
  • NES remotely monitor your system and take over responsibility for the future maintenance and replacement of failed components
  • You rest comfortable knowing that the people providing the cash lump sum are doing the maintenance, and have a 7 year history of Solar installations
  • NES have solutions available for domestic and commercial Solar PV installations


Solar panels in-built in roof make money

Step 1

System details

Step 2

System valuation

Step 3

Site survey

Step 4

Cash payout

Using the form below, you provide us with some basic information about your location and a current reading from your generation meter.
This information is fed into our calculator to allow us to determine the value of your future Feed in Tariff's, and we send you contract paperwork.
We conduct a site survey, and install a meter which will allow us to monitor your system remotely to make sure that it continues to work as expected.
We pay cash direct into your account within 5 working days of the successful site survey, and you relax knowing that your system will be maintained.