Building Inspection Surveys

NES Roofing and Energy are able to undertake aerial building inspection surveys on areas that otherwise would be costly/difficult to access using unmanned aerial vehicles.

We are able to take ultra-HD 4k video or 12MB still images. Therefore, we are able to identify roof issues quickly and safely - for example taking photographs such as the one shown here for one of our customers in Liverpool, which highlighted an earlier ineffective repair.

We undertake engagements with property owners, tenants, surveyors, consultants, schools and local councils.

Our pilots are CAA approved and have the skills in flying the drones to those "difficult" to reach places.

We have to comply with regulations in terms of where we can fly, and make sure that we have the relevant permissions from neighbours, but drone surveys are generally a cost-effective solution, as they avoid the need for scaffolding, platforms or cherry pickers.

As nobody leaves the ground, Health and Safety issues are also considerably reduced.

You are able to guide us as to the area in question, and we can share imagery/videos that we take with you - and, due to the high quality, we are able to zoom in and assess in detail any issues with brickwork, roof valleys, asbestos, roof tiles etc.

Our drone services are offered at the locations we carry out our roofing, solar PV, and energy work, so Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales.

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Building inspection by drone
Building inspection by drone

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