Our History

Natural Energy Sources Limited was incorporated in 2010. At the outset we expected all renewable technologies to receive sufficient government support to make them financially viable, and that proved to be the case for Solar Photovoltaics, with the introduction of the Feed in Tariff scheme that year.
Government initiatives to support the other technologies, such as Solar Thermal & Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps proved to be, at best, poor, with the result that installation levels remained low and costs remained high.
Solar PV did however become extremely popular, with over 700,000 installations in the UK, and we are proud to have been involved since the outset – and, for our part, we have installed over 200 systems across Wirral, Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales, going as far as Stoke on Trent and Anglesey in the process, with installations ranging from smallish 2kW (8 panel) domestic systems, up to 50kW (200 panel) installs on schools and commercial buildings.
Whilst financial incentives have become more restricted, costs have reduced and the monetary value of savings made by virtue of generating your own energy have increased, meaning that the landscape for Solar PV continues to look bright.
Having a Solar PV installation at the same time as other roofing work can be even more attractive. Over the past 6 years we have often been called in to undertake more traditional roof work – and as our roof installation team are roofers by trade it’s made sense to do so whilst the scaffold has been up, in some instances we have actually removed and replaced the entire roof.
Also, several other technologies have become more readily available geared towards helping households and businesses save both energy and money, such as battery storage/ LED lighting, voltage optimization and electric vehicles.
In order to reflect our expanded offering we decided in May 2016 to rebrand as NES Roofing and Energy Limited.
Tony Edwards - NES MD Roofing Services Solar Roofers Liverpool Roofers Wirral
Tony Edwards, Managing Director

After 25 years working in Finance roles for both blue chip and SME businesses, Tony first spotted the opportunity for the UK to embrace renewable technologies in 2009, and set NES up the following year, having spent time visiting manufacturers in China, Spain and Germany, and becoming a passionate supporter of renewable technology as being a key part of the future for the UK energy mix.

Richie Aston - NES - Lead Roofer Roofing Services Solar Roofers Liverpool Roofers Wirral
Richie Aston, Lead Roofer

Richie brought 20 years of roofing experience to our team, and installed the first roof top Solar PV panels on the Wirral. Since then, Richie has been responsible for the installation of over 5,000 Solar PV panels. Richie has expertise in most aspects of domestic and commercial roofing, including tile, slate & flat roof repairs & reroofs. He also has had formal training in Lead work/ Asbestos/ Cherry Picker handling & Single Ply installation.

Tony Ward - NES Lead Electrician - Roofing Services Solar Roofers Liverpool Roofers Wirral
Tony Ward, Lead Electrician

Tony brought 25 years of electrical expertise to our team, on both single and three phase installations. Since 2010, Tony has installed over 200 Solar PV inverters, 100 remote monitoring systems, and an increasing number of battery storage systems.

Example work by NES roof with in-built solar panels

NES van out at a solar installation in one of our locations of Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire & North Wales.

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