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How to Choose the Right Trader?

Home improvements can be stressful and when it comes to choosing a trader it is important to pick the right one to ensure you get best service possible. You may be persuaded to go with a nationwide trader due to size and image, but larger companies can be lacking were it matters the most – in quality and standards. Choosing to go with a local company will benefit you in ways that you  may not have considered.

Local Means Accountable

Smaller companies are reliable when it comes to roofing and solar projects as they are on-hand in your area so you can go to them directly. They will be there for those smaller jobs or improvements that take large companies weeks to see too. They’re accountable because they’re in your area and you are not dealing with different people every time. Since all the work is carried out by your local tradesmen you know where to go in the future for any improvements. We have been known to carry out extra roofing work when one of our customers had some unforeseen problems with the rest of their roof.


Personal Service

Using a local trader means you’ll be speaking with the owner from start to finish, they tend to be onsite and help out if there any issues. Receiving a personal service can simply be sitting down to go through any necessary paper work with you, this small act makes a huge difference.
At NES we monitor our client’s solar installations through systems like Solar Edge and Goodwe  to make sure they continue to run efficiently –  that way we know that they’re happy and getting the best service for their money. The only problems we have encountered with our solar installations have been due to our customer’s internet connection!


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Recommendations are a sure way of telling someone else that they have been happy with the work and you will be too. Turning to a family member or neighbour for a recommendation may be your first thought. You know the trader can be trusted since they’ve been used by someone you know personally, and sometimes referring will get those individuals a reward too. Since your trader is a part of the local community you may know them outside a professional environment and have common interests like renewable energy. Working with someone you like makes a huge difference to how you trust them and whether they will be hired again. NES receive around 50% of our enquiries through referral from existing customers in Liverpool and on the Wirral.



Reputation is everything to a local business as unhappy customers can lead to trouble. They always need new customers to keep their business afloat so they take pride in their work to ensure they keep your custom. Not only that, local businesses care about what they sell and are passionate about it so this means they give the highest quality of service without trying. A sign of a quality trader is that they never try to sell you more than you need, they just carry out the work to the best of their abilities and will resolve any problems you have.  Also small-scale traders will be accredited by bodies and schemes which protects you the customer.

We are proud to have received 100% customer endorsements since our inception in 2011.

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