Feed in Tariff cash from solar

Cash From Your Solar

Thinking about cashing in on your Solar PV Feed-in Tariff?

There may be a number of reasons you are considering selling, whether you are moving, paying off debts, or planning an all-around world trip! By choosing NES you know that your system will continue to be looked after and you are trusting a reliable local company.

Reasons for selling:

Tax Free Money

Income from the sale of electricity is not taxed if;

i. The system is installed on or near the individuals domestic premises.
ii. The individual intends that the amount of electricity generated by the micro generation system will not significantly exceed the amount of electricity consumed on those premises.

            If your FiT (Feed-in Tariff) is not registered to a property for your personal, domestic electricity production, you will unfortunately have to pay tax. We are not tax experts so you need to make sure you seek professional advice on this topic. HMRC has a dedicated page.

 Paying Off Debts

No one wants to be in debt and you tend pay back more than you originally borrowed due to interest. So a solution could be to use the cash from your solar to pay it off in one full sweep. Meaning your worries will be gone and you will be better off!

Selling Your Home

Having Solar PV installed and receiving Feed-in Tariff payments will add some value to your property, but it will never add-on the full value of FiT. New owners would have to wait up to 20 years to see any real investment from this, so they will usually be unwilling to pay extra for it now. By selling your Feed-in Tariff to NES you will benefit from cash lump sum alongside any money you received from selling your property. You can guarantee the new owners that the system will be maintained and monitored by NES for the remainder of the FiT term which should increase the value of your property.

Free Up Your Investment

While the Feed-in Tariff is a great incentive and really beneficial you might prefer to receive your investment in one instalment, rather than over a period of 20 to 25 years which is the agreement you have now. Selling your solar to NES means you get your investment in one tax free lump sum straight into your bank account. Then you can spend it however you want!


If you decide to sell your Feed-in Tariff to NES you can rest easily knowing that we take full responsibility for the future maintenance and replace any failed components. You will receive a tax lump sum free payment from us, and we will make the on-going quarterly returns to your electricity supplier, but we will receive the future Feed-in Tariff payments.



We Buy Your Solar is an innovative opportunity for homeowners to cash-in now on their Solar PV Feed-in Tariff. The homeowner does not give up ownership or possession of their Solar PV system AND shall continue to have free use of all electricity from generated from their system.

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