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To start the new year, we thought you would be interested in hearing the latest news from NES Roofing and Energy, your local Solar PV and Roofing Experts. We have updated our offer, which includes expansion of our solar and roofing services and new additions to our product range.


Solar Panel Renewable Energy Systems

Domestic Embedded Solar PV System

NES Roofing and Energy Embedded Solar PV System

NES provide Solar PV systems that convert light into electrical current. Effectively, the solar panels on your roof absorbs daylight and converts it into direct current (DC) electricity. Via an inverter, the DC electricity converts into alternating current (AC) which can be used in the home. Surplus power is exported back to the National Grid. When extra power is needed, it is drawn from the National Grid.

These renewable energy systems offer many benefits including:

  • Lower energy bills, which are future-proofed against electricity price increases
  • Tax-free Feed-in-Tariff payments for 20 years
  • Solar PV will help lower your CO2 emissions

Solar Batteries

Lithium Ion solar batteries and the surrounding technology have evolved significantly over the past two years, and we now have solutions for most existing solar installs, allowing you to store your unused daytime energy for use in the evening. During summer months this can allow many systems owners to become virtually electricity self-sufficient.

Certain battery systems also have an automatic back-up facility, meaning that certain circuits (such as downstairs sockets) are protected against any mains grid outages.

Solar Panel System Monitoring

We currently monitor remotely solar panel installations that originally included connection to the home internet. This allows us to be immediately alerted to any disruption that would affect system performance.

We can now retrofit similar technology to all systems. The monitoring functionality can also be expanded to provide real time comparison of solar system generated energy with the energy being used in the property, allowing you to reduce your energy bills by making better use of your solar generated energy.

New Annual Servicing

We now offer different levels of system servicing – starting with a stand-alone service of your solar system, and expanding to include full servicing and inspection of all electrical circuits in your home.


Dedicated Roofing Services

Richie Aston - NES - Lead Roofer

NES Roofing and Energy – Richie Aston – Head Roofer

During 2015, and continuing into 2016, we were being asked to provide a wider variety of more general roofing services, at times connected to solar, but sometimes as a stand-alone service.

We now provide ‘roofing only’ services, including reroofs, and other services such as chimney stack removal, replacement of missing/ broken tiles and repairs to gutters/ downpipes. We also install or repair Velux windows and carry out any required works to flashings and vents.

A thermal roof inspection service is also available, which allows us to identify areas where improvements to insulation or your roofline (soffits/ fascia’s) would save you money.

Reroof after Solar Installation

If you chose not to have a new roof at the same time as your solar panel system was installed, we can offer very competitive rates to remove your solar system, and carry out a full reroof, inclusive of re-installing your existing solar system. Increasingly, as part of this service, we “embed” the solar system so it looks more integral to the roof, removing the need to re-tile/ re-slate in the area to be covered by the solar.

Reroof and Solar Installation

If your friends or family are considering a full roof replacement, we can install a solar system at the same time. This can be very attractive both aesthetically and financially. Costs are reduced as the area to be covered by solar does not need tiling/ slating, and the work is all done at the same time from the same scaffold. The embedded panels look great, and the financial benefits that accrue can go a long way to paying for the entire reroof.


Drone Services

Solar Panel Inspection by Drone

Drone Inspection of Installed Solar Panels

NES are proud to have obtained a licence from the Civil Aviation Authority earlier this year, which allows us to provide building inspection surveys with our unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) on areas that otherwise would be costly/difficult to access.  We can identify issues quickly and safely, and recommend appropriate actions. Our drones are also available for other commercial drone photography/video engagements.


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NES provide services across Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales. Our head office is in Liverpool City Centre and we have recently relocated our storage facility from Hoylake to a more central location in Price Street, Birkenhead.





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