Now is the Right Time to Insulate your Roof

As we all know, we are on the brink of those cold, winter days coming back to haunt us. The windows are closed, the central heating is on and it’s time to ensure our homes are kept cosy and warm. It seems strange, therefore to consider having work carried out on your roof at this time of year. But is it really? The answer is no if your roof is not insulated properly.

For homeowners that have been putting off roofing works, now is the time act. Not only should domestic pitched roofs be made watertight, so leaks are prevented, they should be insulated to make them energy efficient. This will contribute towards a warm, comfortable home with lower fuel bills as an added advantage.

And now for the technical bit. What type of roof insulation choices are there? We are looking at this from a domestic property point of view, where the roof is pitched, with either tiles or slates as the final covering.

Warm Roof Insulation

Example of Warm Roof Insulation

Warm Roof (Pitched)

There are two methods of installing insulation which would fall into the category of a warm roof. The first is where the insulation, which would most likely be a rigid board, is installed above the rafters. The second type is where the insulation is installed above and between the rafters, ensuring the timbers are kept similar to room temperature. Whichever approach is taken, the aim is to ensure cold bridging doesn’t occur, i.e. that the roof does not allow energy to be lost or heat transmitted from the roof area/building.

Cold Roof Insuolation

Example of Cold Roof Insulation

Cold Roof (Pitched)

The other category relating to insulating a pitched roof is called a cold roof. In this situation, insulation in domestic properties is usually at joist level, above ceiling level. An advantage associated with cold roofs is that the roof line is not affected during any reroofing work. What does need to be taken into account with this approach, however, is ventilation. A breathable membrane is required for non-ventilated roofs. This would be located between the structure and the insulation.

How NES Roofing and Energy Can Help
NES roofing expert, Richie Aston, has brought 20 years of roofing experience to our team. He has a wide range of experience on reroofing domestic properties, providing advice to homeowners on the most effective solution for their project. He is also an expert installer of solar pv systems as well, if this is something of interest.

If you require a no obligation quotation for your roofing requirements we are happy to help. In the first instance, contact NES Managing Director, Tony Edwards on 0151 372 0305, email or complete the contact form on our website – click here.

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