Solar PV and Battery Ready Roof Refurbishment, Hoylake

NES Roofing and Energy were approached by a family in Hoylake whilst they were in the process of upgrading their home and were able to provide a solar pv, battery ready roofing solution.

Why did the homeowners want Solar PV?

“We decided quite late into our house refurbishment that we wanted to incorporate a solar pv system as we realised that, by doing so, a proportion of the electricity we used was actually going to be free”.

After some research, we identified NES as our preferred supplier/installer due to their product range, technical expertise and service offer. Through talking to them, we understood that battery storage systems allow excess energy generated during the day to be stored to provide power to the home during the evening. NES explained that, whilst these systems are still fairly expensive, prices are likely to fall in 1-2 years. We therefore wanted a future proofed system, which would allow us to easily add battery storage at a later date”.

System Planning and Challenges

The roof had been re-tiled in 2015 at the commencement of the refurbishment works. NES therefore designed a scheme with black panels which would complement the look of the newly re-tiled roof. As standard, these come with a 25 year warranty, offering the homeowners full peace of mind.

Solar PV install that is battery ready

An NES Solar PV System – Future-proofed by being Battery Ready

Electrical and plastering works were scheduled for same month as the solar installation. This meant that NES and the other trades had to work around each other, which is common practice.

The ideal location for the inverter unit that converts DC energy generated by the panels into AC energy was smaller than the size of traditional inverters. To overcome this, we opted for a new breed of inverter which is smaller and lighter than traditional units. As the manufacturer, Solar Edge, were the launch partner of Tesla (who manufacture solar storage batteries), this would make it straightforward to include battery storage on this property in the future. The inverter also comes with a 12 year warranty as standard.

The solar installation was completed on time and within budget. The customers are delighted with the result, the products and the benefits they offer.

For each of the past 5 years NES have won awards for the installation of Solar systems across Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales. Building on a portfolio of over 200 domestic and commercial projects, the company also offer Roofing and Drone services.

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