In-roof Solar Roofing Solution at Thingwall, Wirral

NES Roofing and Energy have provided a family in Thingwall an innovative in-roof solar system to complete the renovation of the family home.

Why did the homeowners want In-Roof (Embedded) Solar PV?

“We had decided to make some changes to improve the external look of our property, and to make it more energy efficient. We had already engaged contractors for the various improvements that we had decided upon, but after work had commenced we wondered whether we should have considered Solar PV. NES Roofing and Energy were recommended to us (they had completed an installation local to us a few years ago), and we asked them to come and give us some advice before the roof work was completed”.

System Planning and Challenges

Luckily, they contacted NES just before the re-roofing plan had been finalised. This allowed us to consider an option whereby we could install the solar panels in-roof, so that they sat flush with the surrounding tiles. The mounting system that we proposed provided the weather barrier for the roof, therefore removing the need for tiles in the solar area. The costs then saved by not tiling around 2/3rds of the main roof could be offset against the cost of the solar.

NES Roofing and Energy Embedded Solar PV

NES Roofing and Energy Embedded (in-Roof) Solar PV

We proposed a design incorporating all black panels, which complemented the brick red tiles already selected, and come with a 25 year performance warranty.

We demonstrated the app that we have which shows the status of all of the systems we have installed using Solar Edge inverters. These inverter units convert the DC energy from the panels into AC energy which can either be used in the property or exported to the grid. The customer was impressed by the reporting that this system provided, as well as the future proofing provided should he wish to incorporate battery storage in the future.

NES worked around the other trades on site, and the entire system was installed and commissioned within two days. We had agreed with the already contracted roofers that we would tile a single course around the installation.

The solar installation was completed on time and within budget. The family are delighted with the look of their in-roof solar system.

For each of the past 5 years NES have won awards for the installation of Solar systems across Wirral, Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales. Building on a portfolio of over 200 domestic and commercial projects, the company also offer Roofing and Drone services.

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